Where Should We Travel to Next?

Beer centered vacations can be truly amazing. Just make sure to take your  Happy Hour Vitamins, drink lots of water, and try to squeeze some exercise in. Also, don’t skip a meal or drive. These tips seem pretty obvious, but sometimes we need reminding. I lost half a day in Vermont due to the worst hangover of my life. Make better life choices than me.

Make sure to also check brewery times beforehand. Many breweries are closed Mondays, and/or don’t open until later in the afternoon. If you have any questions about the areas we have visited, reach out on any of our socials or send an email to [email protected] . CHEERS!

Beercation Essentials: Healthy snacks, vitamins, and a filtered reusable water bottle.

St. Augustine, FL

The Florida Keys

Boise, Idaho

Asheville, NC

Austin, Texas