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The Hoppy Mommy, is our “self-proclaimed Disney beer expert.” She is a Florida native who is often found drinking at the most magical place on Earth, the beach, or a local brewery. From German imports that follow the Reinheitsgebot laws, to local craft beer, she is helping us find all the best brews throughout Disney World, and Central Florida.

Beer School Recap- Murica’s Founding Fathers & Beer!

Beer School, 56:20 – 1:02:46 Everyone has heard the Benjamin Franklin quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy!” Well, he did not say that exactly, and he was actually referring to wine. However, he did say, “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is FREEDOM, and…

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Hoppy’s TOP TEN Favorite Beer Accessories!

My TOP TEN Favorite Beer Accessories! 1. OZARK KOOZIE!  This is the knock off version of Yeti, but it works just as good! You won’t even know it’s your last sip of beer until it’s gone! Even if you’re at the beach on a hot sunny day, that beer stays cold! If you mainly drink…

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How to Help the Small Breweries During these Weird Times

I never thought I would mention the word ‘Corona’ in a craft beer article, unless I was referring to a small brewery selling to Constellation. Well, these are weird times. So, while everyone is washing their hands, social distancing and hoarding toilet paper, what can we do to help make sure those small breweries we…

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