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Matt is a nomadic beer enthusiast whose roots lie deep into the heart of Boston but currently finds himself in small town Idaho. Best known for talking too much and saying the wrong thing you can often find him at a local craft brewery in a town near you!

Payette Brewing and The Best of Boise

When traveling to Boise, Idaho beer isn’t something that may come to mind right away. Admittedly when I first arrived in this up and coming city all I knew about the state of Idaho was the stereotypical potatoes and the blue turf field that has produced many NFL caliber talent. However, beer is something that…

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Now We’re Cooking With Beer!

Beer Recipes to Get you Through a Summer Pandemic We are in the dead of summer which means the family BBQs are flowing, while we spend those hot summer days by the pool. Unfortunately, we are also in the middle of what seems to be a never-ending pandemic. This leaves us with restaurants being closed…

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The New Normal

Checking out the New Normal for Idaho Breweries as everything begins to reopen.

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