Brew Witch

The Guinness “Draft Problem” and Invention of Nitro Beer

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we are all feeling a bit numb after a full calendar year of pandemic times. This time last year, I was canceling our St. Patrick’s Day & Irish Beer event at the beer shop I ran. My natural fear of any event I plan…

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Schneeeule and the Revival of the Berliner Weisse

“I try to make every beer I produce my dream beer”, states Ulrike Genz, head brewer and co-founder of Schneeeule. Schneeeule, translating to Snowy Owl, is a brewery based in Berlin, Germany, focused on Berliner Weisse-style sour beers, in addition to other wild and sour brews. In a past life, Genz was a practicing civil…

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Social Isolation Food & Beer Pairing

There is no denying that life is every bit less glam now that you may be self isolated and living off whatever scraps you have remaining in the kitchen. You may also be thinking sure, I know how to pair the best craft beers with the fanciest chef-made meals or artisanal cheeses, but how will…

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