Matt’s Pull List Vol. 3: 7/6/22

Matt’s Pull List Vol. 3: 7/6/22

Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor

Welcome back to Matt’s weekly pull list! This week in anticipation for Thor Love and Thunder I am here to present a comic to get you hyped and ready! My recommendation this week is none other than Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor.

Might Thor Comic and Legos

This hit new comic is the latest from Marvel Comics. Written by Torunn Gronbekk, and penciled by Michael Dowling. It shows Mjolnir crashing into Jane Foster’s apartment causing her to fear the worst about the Mighty Thor. There is a looming threat led by Hela, Ulik the Troll, and Enchantress on Asgard. It is up to Jane to find Thor to save the realm. She once again dons the moniker of Thor and sets out risking her life to save the realms.

Jane Foster & The World of Thor

Fans of Jane Foster and Thor alike will find a lot of joy in this series as we see Jane back at wielding the mighty hammer. This comic also brings back villains of the past and sets us up for an epic story through the realms in the world of Thor. Meanwhile, the art on each page pops to life and immerses you into the story immediately. Issue #1 released on June 8th and issue #2 releases July 6th. Make sure you add this to your pull list!

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