Lauren’s Pull List TAKEOVER Vol. 4

Lauren’s Pull List TAKEOVER Vol. 4

Oblivion Song

Oblivion Song from Image Comics was created by Robert Kirkman (writer) and Lorenzo De Felici (artist). Kirkman is very well known for The Walking Dead Comics, and Invincible. Both of which have been turned into successful TV shows.

While The Walking Dead and Invincible are 193 issues and 144 issues, respectively, Oblivion Song is only 36. However, it still has the Robert Kirkman surprise after surprise complete with a satisfying ending.

*Non Spoiler* Invincible Comic Book Review

Oblivion Song Comic by Robert Kirkman

Every time I thought I figured out what this comic was about, another twist would pop up. It starts in another dimension that almost reminds you of the Upside Down from Stranger Things. But then you have science, family drama, politics, and so much more sprinkled in. 

A Live Action Version Might Happen

The art work in this comic alone, makes me want to see a live action version, and Kirkman has said more than once that something may be in works. In the back of the last issue his exact words were, “While this is the end of the OBLIVION SONG comic series, I’m confident it’s not the end of Oblivion Song as a whole. It will live on in another form maybe soon, or maybe in a decade from now. Only time will tell.”

First page of the first Issue of Oblivion Song.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this comic. At only 36 issues, the entire read is enjoyable and surprising. And the icing on the cake is you’ll be able to tell everyone you read it years ago, when it finally becomes a popular movie or TV show.  😉 

If you can’t find it at your local comic shop, Amazon has it. Link to Volume 1.

If you do give it a chance, and love it, you should definitely check out Invincible and The Walking Dead (even if you gave up on the show), assuming you haven’t already.

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