What STAR WARS Means to Me

What STAR WARS Means to Me

Star Wars is More Than Entertainment

Coming from a galaxy far far away and into pop culture everywhere in the 70s an iconic phenomena was born. What George Lucas did was not only change the lives of millions when he created the epic space opera, Star Wars, he changed the landscape of cinema forever. For many of us it feels as though we were born just knowing the iconic line from Darth Vader telling Luke the truth about who he is. For a lot of us it’s as natural as breathing, that we know this whether someone is a fan of the franchise or not. Star Wars means something to everybody individually but, what does it mean to you?

Blue Milk in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Drinking Blue Milk at Galaxy's Edge in Orlando, FL

For me personally, this is a question that has been ever evolving through the years. As a kid I was nine years old at the midnight showing of The Phantom Menace, then again at Attack of the Clones. And sure enough there I was lined up at midnight for Revenge of the Sith. Star Wars was something that I was born into. My parents weren’t exactly what I would call nerds. However, they did enjoy sci-fi films and entertaining movies alike. So there I was as a young child watching the epic battle of Hoth, and Luke desperately try and save his friends over at Endor. It was there I like to say my “geek gene” was unlocked.

Again, Star Wars means something different to everyone. The action, the adventure, fast paced or methodical lightsaber battles, and running the trenches of the Death Star, all giving way to adventure and excitement. For me personally, Star Wars encompasses everything I love about pop culture. You get exciting heart pounding battles and lightsaber duels, heavy heartbreaking emotional beats, tragedy, loss, and of course the cheese factor, that I can’t help but love in films. Star Wars is a pathway to many abilities some might consider unnatural…or natural now that Disney owns the property. To me it offers an escape from my very own reality. In a galaxy far far away it doesn’t matter if you are force sensitive. You can be a nobody but still save the galaxy in a meaningful way. 

Star Wars is For Everyone

The relationships are my favorite aspect of Star Wars. It’s the loss and the perseverance that hits home and draws me so close. The possibilities are endless whether you’re a smuggler or a Jedi. I struggle with my own light versus dark side so to speak as I’m sure we all do. Some people turn to religion to balance the inner battle but for myself it’s always thinking back to a mythical “Jedi code.”

Star Wars is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from or what race of alien or human being you are, Star Wars is for all of us. The fandom has become a volatile place to be and a mine field of hate but, at the end of the day we must remind ourselves what Star Wars means to us. Look at the vast majority of actors or actresses playing meaningless roles in the franchise just to say they were in Star Wars. The tales are endless so I want to know, what does Star Wars mean to you?

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