Matt’s Pull List Vol. 2

Matt’s Pull List Vol. 2

Godzilla VS. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Welcome back to Matt’s weekly pull list! This week I am coming to you with a recommendation for those who love Godzilla and The Power Rangers! That’s right the hit series written by esteemed writer Cullen Bunn, drawn by Freddie E. Williams ll, and colored by Andrew Dalhouse. This five issue mini-series showcases the mighty Godzilla squaring off against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Godzilla v Power Rangers Comic
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Rita is back to her old tricks and discovers an alternate dimension in which Godzilla and his foes reside. With the Rangers hot on her tail Rita uses her magic to pit the two forces against one another in an epic brawl. What this comic does extraordinarily well is make you feel the action come to life. Freddie Williams and Andrew Dalhouse bring to life a visually stunning masterpiece with each turn of the page. Meanwhile Cullen Bunn is a wizard within each panel crafting dialogue that makes you nostalgic for the 90’s Power Rangers tv show.

Four out of the five issues are available everywhere you can buy comics now. I suggest if you are a fan of either property or both to make sure you catch up on this series before the epic conclusion hits shelves late July.

Andrew Dalhouse- @adalhouse

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