Matt’s Pull List Vol. 1

Matt’s Pull List Vol. 1

Star Wars: Brotherhood

Welcome to Matt’s pull list which is a new segment discussing a comic or novel that I suggest everybody check it, or what I have been reading as of late. For the Inaugural pull I wanted to highlight Star Wars: Brotherhood. The latest Star Wars novel by writer Mike Chen. 

This novel is the latest release in a long list of canon novels coming from Del Ray Star Wars and It picks up right after Attack of the Clones. Anakin has achieved Jedi Knighthood and for the first time since they’ve met, Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker will be separated while dealing with this newfound war.

Cover of the book: Brotherhood

There was an attack on the planet Cato Nemoidia which is the home world of Nute Gunray, of the Trade Federation. To clear The Republics’ name of any wrongdoing, Obi Wan is sent to investigate alone while Anakin struggles with his newfound responsibilities.

What I love about this book is that it goes into detail about the relationship these two have as more than master and padawan, and into brotherhood. Mike Chen does a great job of building onto the lore behind these two characters and Star Wars as a whole. You can find this book on any bookshelf at any store but here a couple links! Enjoy!

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