In a Galaxy’s Edge Far Far Away at Disney World

In a Galaxy’s Edge Far Far Away at Disney World

Stars Wars at Disney World in Florida

When you enter Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, you’re entering Batuu. This is not a destination found in the Star Wars movies, shows, or books, but specifically created for Disney. While many Disney attractions are just putting you in the middle of a movie you have seen, Galaxy’s Edge is different. 

The GEEKS at Galaxy's Edge!

You are in present day Star Wars, to an extent. Basically, it’s during the sequel trilogy.  The Resistance has set up a base here, and the First Order shows up. Both sides are trying to recruit you! The stores, dining options, and rides reflect this. As a result you only see characters who are in the newer movies.

*While a majority of the Star Wars action is in Galaxy’s Edge, there are a couple other Star Wars areas in this park. I will touch on those at the end of this article, as neither experience should be skipped.

The Rides!

Hondo inside The Smuggler's Run Ride at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

There are two rides in Galaxy’s Edge. The first one that opened was Smuggler’s Run. If you’re a fan of The Clone Wars or Rebels series, you’ll be excited to know that Hondo Ohnaka runs this ride, and you will get to see him! Basically, Chewie needs work done to the Falcon, so he makes a deal with Hondo. Hondo gets to borrow the Falcon, and then he’ll help Chewie. You’re the crew Hondo is recruiting to help him with some smuggling. This is an interactive ride, and you can track your points on the Disney play app (if it’s cooperating that day). Even if the app isn’t working, you get to go inside the Millennium Falcon.

The other ride is Rise of the Resistance, and it’s nothing like any ride you have ever done before (unless you’ve done this ride before). You really feel like you’re part of the story. Half of the ride is like a closed movie set, and the other is an actual ride. Basically, you end up on a Star Destroyer and the resistance has to come rescue you. The line may be ridiculous (it tends to be shorter later), but if you’re a fan…put in the time and do it. You can also buy a fast pass now. I’m not sure how it works, but I have heard it’s terrible, and I’m hoping it fails miserably. But if I were visiting for a day and could afford it, I will most likely do it. To do so, look into Genie+/Lightening Lane.

BOOK EARLY! For Lightsabers, Droids, and Oga's Cantina

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities
  • Building the expensive light sabers, building a droid, and visiting the Cantina, all require booking reservations ASAP. You can check randomly too, and get lucky, so never give up HOPE! No matter how dark things seem. If you have a park reservation, then at midnight (eastern time), 60 days before your reservation, book everything on the app! You can just click search on the app, and input Droid, Lightsaber, or Cantina. Lightsabers will be at Savi’s Workshop (starting at $220). Build your own Droid at Droid Depot (starting at $100). If you can’t make your reservation, make sure to cancel more than a day before, so you do not get charged. 
  • You can buy premade light sabers at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Even if you don’t want to buy one, go in there. It’s awesome! Lots of cool stuff from the movies, including a baby sarlac. If you can’t get in line right away, see if they have a QR code out for a virtual line. The only time I couldn’t get in on the same day was May the 4th. But check early just in case. 
  • You can also buy a premade Droid at the Droid Depot, and walk around. It’s small but cool. 
  • No pass holder discount on Build your own Lightsabers or Droids.
  • If you don’t get the Cantina reservation, randomly check. You never know when someone may cancel. If you do get it, there is a 45 minute time limit. But it will be the coolest, second most over priced (after sporting events/concerts) beer you’ve ever enjoyed. There is always a possibility you could get in at the end of the night without a reservation, but it’s never guaranteed.
  • If you want to build a light saber, but don’t want to spend all your credits, or you couldn’t get a reservation, you can get a plastic one at Tatooine Traders. This is the gift shop you enter after Star Tours. You can customize it all for about $30. It also expands, lights up, and makes sounds. I have done this with two of my kids. One cast member was very nice, but didn’t seem into Star Wars. The next cast member however was amazing, and made the experience special. She described every single piece that my daughter picked, and explained it’s significance and correlation to the light or dark side. We bring them to the park every time we go now. Seriously the best Disney purchases I ever made (I often use them on our tik tok page @hopsgeeknews). There are passholder discounts on the plastic lightsabers! 

Star Wars Fun Facts & Things to Look For

This X-wing made a cameo in the Mandalorian before being sent to Florida.
  • Before you get to the park, in addition to downloading the Disney App, download the Disney Parks Play app. It’s interactive, and can change depending where you are in the parks. It has games and trivia to entertain yourself and the kids while in lines. However, in Galaxy’s Edge it does a bit more. If you see a QR code, scan it. See some foregin looking font? Decode it. 
  • The boxes above the Docking Bay Quick Service say 77, 80, 83. The years of the original movies. 
  • Just outside of the Build your Droid, store, you can see R2D2’s imprints on the ground. 
  • Inside Oga’s Cantina, you can find DJ R-3x aka rex. He used to be found on Star Tours (the older ride just before Galaxy’s Edge). He was reprogrammed at the Droid Depot to be a DJ.
  • The machine cooking the meat at Ronto Roosters is powered by a Pod Racer engine. 
  • All the trash cans say, ‘Trash to sector 3263827.’ This is the garbage sector for the trash compactor from A New Hope. 
  • You can get blue and green milk. The blue milk (AKA Bantha Milk) also comes with Rum. The green milk (Thala-Siren milk) also comes with tequila. The Milk Stand is across from the Tie Fighter. 
  • The X-Wing that can be found near the merchandise stands by Rise of the Resistance, made a cameo in The Mandalorian before being sent to Florida.
  • If you’re ever in Galaxy’s Edge when it’s raining, you may notice cast members wearing the same poncho you see Leia wearing in Return of the Jedi. They also look like something Bruno would wear. 
  • If you want a Millennium Falcon picture without people in it, walk all the way to the right in the corner. You can usually still get a good shot, without it being crowded.

Black Spire Outpost Marketplace

Black Spire Outpost
Marketplace inside Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

The Marketplace in Galaxy’s Edge is more than just another chance to give Disney all your money. It’s a must walk through! There are lots of exotic Star Wars animals in cages, what looks like Star Wars hand made toys, Kowakian Monkey Lizards, the multi-colored popcorn as seen in Bad Batch, and more. If it looks too busy to walk through when you’re there, come back later! 

Star Wars Can Also Be Found Outside Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars Launch Bay
Inside Star Wars Launch Bay near Disney Junior

Star Tours is a 3D ride that opened at Disney World in 1987, and is still there today, but NOT in Galaxy’s Edge. If you head straight to Galaxy’s Edge you can’t miss it. There is a huge AT-AT, and it’s very close to Baseline Taphouse (best spot to grab a beer at Hollywood Studios, if you can’t get into the Cantina). Just past Baseline, you’ll enter Galaxy’s Edge. There are many different versions of Star Tours, so even if you’ve done it before, it’s worth doing again. Especially because it regularly only has a 5-10 minute wait. If you see a longer wait time, just check back later (you can always look at the app to check). I swear I saw Razor Crest the last time I went on. 

If you are TRULY a Star Wars geek do NOT skip Star Wars Launch Bay! This was previously a Meet and Greet with Kylo, Chewie & BB8, however, even though that has not returned, there is still plenty to see. It’s basically a Star Wars museum, filled with models and pictures. Before you even walk in, make sure to walk through all the TV and movie posters. This is seriously the spot for Star Wars Geeks. Pretty empty, and lots of cool things to see. 

Until recently they also had cases full of lightsabers detailing who they belonged to, and in what movie/show, but the dumbasses of the world had to ruin that. When I asked where they were a cast member informed me that people kept climbing on top of them. Bunch of Nerf Herders.

Disney Visa Card
Disney Visa Photo Shoot Spot with my kid's lightsaber. I have an appointment for a real lightsaber next month.

If you have a Disney Visa Card, and you’re in the area before 4, you can do a fun little photo session for no additional charge. There’s even a magic shot that includes a security droid. This is also in the Launch Bay are, just before you go inside.

May the Force Be With You

Got a tip to add, or have a question? Leave a comment, or shoot me an email at [email protected] . Want some tips on beer there? Check out this article that I probably need to update. The puns and pictures are still enjoyable, even if some of the beer options have changed. Beers, Cheers, & Yoda Ears! CHEERS!!! 

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