The Beer Geek’s Guide to Cruising with Mickey

The Beer Geek’s Guide to Cruising with Mickey

Tips on Enjoying 'Good' Beer on a Disney Cruise Ship

Whether you tear up every time you hear, ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ or you’re one of those that rolls your eyes at the concept of ‘Disney Adults’ (we can be absolutely ridiculous at times) Disney Cruises are top tier. The customer service, cleanliness, and food quality is better than any other cruise line I have been on. However! I am not here to tell you how much better Disney is (I did that enough last time I cruised with a group of friends on a non Disney boat), I am here to tell you how to continue drinking like a beer geek while cruising with Mickey.

Serious emphasis on Customer Service. I have loved every Disney Cruise Line employee I have interacted with. From the room attendants, to the pubs, to the dining room, kid’s club, trivia, and BEYOND! They are amazingly nice human beings. 

Beer in the Room with rocket and Groot
"There's beer on the ship." -Rocket

You Can Bring Beer in Your Carry On

The first thing you should know is that you can bring beer with you and restock at each port. For every 21+ guest, you can put six 12oz cans in your carry on, or two bottles of wine. If you stop in Nassau, Pirate Republic Brewing is right there when you get off the boat, and they always have cans to go, so you can restock.

If you’re flying into your port and don’t want to fly with beer, when you land, find your closest total wine or ABC. Sadly any local bottle shops and breweries will most likely only have 16oz cans. There is an ABC near the Port  if you’re embarking from Port Canaveral.

Side Note: If stopping in Cozumel Mexico, definitely hit up Cerveceria Punta Sur. They are a tiny brewery that is walking distance to the port. When I was there, we were unable to take beer to go, but the beers we enjoyed there were fantastic!

You never know when a rule will change, so always double check before you cruise:

Our Carry On Beer
The Beers We Carried On. There is a fridge in the room.
Pirate Republic Brewing
Pirate Republic Brewing in Nassau, Bahamas. Beware of Pirates!
Brewery in Cozumel. Third woman from the right is one of the owners!

Get the Disney Cruise Line Beer Mug!

Once on board, the first time you order a beer on draft, ask about their reusable glass. It gets you more bang for your buck on each future pour, and it’s a great souvenir that can be used on future cruises. I have brought mine on five Disney cruises so far. 

The glass is heavy but they swap it out for you, how I would imagine coat check works in places that snow. If you’re on the pool deck (there is an adult only pool deck complete with hot tubs and a pool bar), they give you a plastic reusable beer mug, and if you’re not drinking and don’t want to carry around an empty glass, they’ll give you a card to hold onto that you then give to the next bartender who will give you a fresh clean glass! Just don’t forget to get your glass to bring home on the last night!

*On my April 2022 cruise the mugs were plastic only due to supply issues. Hopefully this is remedied. If you have a glass one, or manage to get one on board, don’t let them swap it out, unless you get confirmation the supply issue has been fixed. 

Plastic Disney Cruise Beer Mug
The Plastic Beer Mug they give while on the Top Deck near the Pools.
Disney Cruise Line Beer Mug
The Glass Mug you get while Inside.

Sports Pubs

So where the hell is the good beer on board?! This is hit or miss. I have found local craft options on the pool deck before, and I have only found macro light beers on the pool deck before. My last cruise had Sam Adams right outside the theater, and then the bar 40 feet away was just Bud Light kind of options. Sometimes Jai Alai shows up, and sometimes not. However, your safest bet on any Mickey boat is their pub.They all have one, and at a certain time each day, they become 18+! If you’re a trivia fan, this is a great spot to enjoy a beer and play some trivia (it’s not just Disney themed). It’s also your best spot for any sports games you want to catch. 

Again, the options will never be the same, but you can expect a range of beers. In April 2022 aboard the Dream, a few of the options were, Guinness, Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock, Heavy Seas Brewing IPA, Bold City Brown Ale, Sam Adam’s Lager, Kona Big Wave, and many more options, including an Amber Ale brewed by Carib solely for the pub on board. 

  • Disney Magic: O’Gills Pub
  • Disney Wonder: Crown & Fin Pub
  • Disney Fantasy: O’Gills Pub
  • Disney Dream: Pub 687
  • Disney Wish: This is Disney’s newest ship, that has yet to set sail. However, by looking at what bars and lounges they will have, my best guess is to head to the Keg & Compass. They will also have a Star Wars themed lounge, so you may be able to get some blue milk. Good beer, will they have? “Never give up HOPE, no matter how dark things seem.”
Beers in the 687 Pub on the Dream.
Pub 687
Pub 687 on the Dream.

The Dining Rooms

From my experience, the dining rooms rarely seem to have good options, so I usually show up to dinner prepared. Since you’re generally in your room getting ready right before dinner, I just pour one of my beers I brought with me into my Disney Cruise mug and bring it to dinner. Or I swing by the Pub on my way to dinner. Since you can buy beer all over the ship, you can bring the mug anywhere (except on the pool deck, they want plastic there). However, one time we got a bottle of St. Stefanus Belgian Blonde, served in the proper logo glassware, which we were allowed to keep. I still use my glass regularly! 

Dining Room Beer

Beer Tastings

Many beverage tasting are offered on the boat, including a beer one. I personally have never participated, but if you’re just starting to get into beer, or are unfamiliar with different styles, then I definitely recommend trying a class out. You can book a class through the app, or on their website before you even get on the boat.

Link to different beverage class options.

Mickey's Island: Castaway Cay

I’m not going to sugar coat this. The Island is not home to good beer. Once, out of the five times I have visited Castaway Cay, I found Guinness. Other than that, it’s all not the best. I tend to go with a Coors Light, as I find it to be ‘not the worst’ of macro light beers. One tip to enjoy a good beer (preferably on Serenity Bay, the adult only section), is bring an insulted can koozie, and stick one of your beers you brought into it.

Coors Light
My Captain America bathing suit made me worthy of mjlolnir, but not a good beer. Drinking a Coors Light here.
Guinness on Castaway
April 2022. Guinness was at a couple of the bars on the Island.
Woodland Empire
Big Sticky IPA from Woodland Empire in Boise, ID (past Hops GEEK News guest), that I brought with me.

Money Saving Tips for a Disney Cruise!

My last few tips will save you money, even though one seems outdated, but has value. Book through a travel agent! It does not cost extra at all, and you can get an onboard credit for doing so. This onboard credit can apply to your bar tab! If any last minute discounts come available, they will also let you know, and possibly get you a bit of a refund. The company I have used for more than one cruise is Small World Vacations.

Nothing Disney is cheap, and Disney cruises are definitely NOT an exception. If you have a Target Red Debit Card, you get 5% off everything, including gift cards.

You can buy cards on the app up to $500, and then combine them on to send to the travel agent. You can also buy gift cards to apply to your bill on the cruise. Just head to guest relations when you get on board, and give them the gift cards. This can be applied to tips, drinks, spa services, souvenirs… Anything additional you would pay for onboard. Five percent may not seem worth it to do that much work, but it adds up. I saved a few hundred on a seven day cruise for four. I would also randomly buy gift cards when grocery shopping to spread out the cost. Then by the time you cruise, everything has been paid for, and you can relax. I have heard places like Costco, will also offer some sort of discount.

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Questions or Tips?

If you have any questions, or tips of your own you’d like to share, leave a comment or email me at [email protected] . CHEERS! 

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Lauren, "The Hoppy Mommy" is our self-proclaimed Disney beer expert. She is a Florida native, and a Cicerone CBS, who is often found drinking at the most magical place on Earth, the beach, or a local brewery. From German imports that follow the Reinheitsgebot laws, to local craft beer, she is helping us find all the best brews throughout Disney World, and Central Florida. She is also half of our spinoff podcast, 'Hops GEEK News.'

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