*Non Spoiler* Invincible Comic Book Review

*Non Spoiler* Invincible Comic Book Review

Invincible Comic Book Review

I absolutely loved this entire comic from Issue 1 to Issue 144. If you didn’t love the show adaptation on Prime, do not judge the comic for that. If you have not seen the show, read the comic first! While it starts a little slow, by Issue 11 you’re picking your jaw up off the floor, and the surprises don’t stop until you finish the last issue.

The icing on the cake of our main hero, Mark ‘Invincible’ Grayson, is he’s a big comic book fan. He never misses an Issue of Science Dog! Kirkman also sprinkles pop culture Easter Eggs all over the books. From Star Trek, to nods at other Superheroes, to someone cosplaying at a con as Michonne complete with 2 armless walkers.

Invincible Comic Books and Beer

In addition to the continual surprises, you truly fall in love with the characters. So often in TV shows, movies, and books, characters are incredibly unforgiving. It’s as if only you can make a mistake and no one else. I can’t count how many times I’ve rolled my eyes at an over reaction or a ridiculous assumption a fictional character has made, and that was an entire plot line for awhile.

Invincible allows the characters to breathe, and react appropriately while still having feelings and emotions. At times the audience isn’t even sure the right thing is the right thing, and the characters struggle with that too. 

Invincible is From the Same Writer as The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman wrote Invincible, while Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley did the art. If you are one of the many who gave up on AMC’s The Walking Dead, this should not scare you. The Walking Dead comic ended beautifully, while still giving us one last, ‘what just happened’ moment. While these are two completely different comics, they both have a very satisfying ending, and that is all I will say, as these are both books I highly recommend, and I’m not here to spoil anything.

Invicible on Prime

There has only been one season so far, with another one in the works. I am enjoying the show, but it weirdly does not compare to the comic, despite the fact it is animated and looks exactly the same. They mixed up some of their stories on the show, and the huge first reveal was a bit of a let down. It was like a not funny person trying to deliver a Chris Rock joke. The timing was just off, and the joke fell (I intentionally avoided the term ‘punchline’ here, it was just too easy). 

That first big reveal was huge in getting me sucked into the comic, but I don’t think it did the same for those who have only watched the show. So my advice, read the books before season two. If that’s not for you, give Season 2 a chance. They have some amazing material to pull from.

Invincible Phone Books
The Compendiums are the size of phone books, but are the most cost efficient way to read them in print, if your local library doesn't have them in stock.

The Library Has Comics!

When I first started reading Invincible I got the first trade back at my local library. With 144 issues, there is no cheap way to read. I should preface, I am a physical book kind of person. If you can read them on a kindle or tablet, that should be cheaper. If not check your local library, or buy the phone book sized compendiums like I did. For physical copies, that was the cheapest way I could find. 

In conclusion, while I think my doting on this comic for the entire article has made this obvious, I highly recommend Invincible! It’s in my Top 5 all time favorite Comic Book runs! Let me know in the comments what is one of your favorites, that you recommend. 

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