Comic Book Creator: Steve Urena

Comic Book Creator: Steve Urena

X-Maschina by Steve Urena & Misty Graves

Never has Santa Claus been so relatable. From festive vulgar insults, to fun Star Wars references, this comic has it all. 

A few months back, Matt and I, had Steve and Misty on our podcast to discuss their latest project. X-Maschina, “The Futuristic Holiday Horror Comedy Comic.” At the time, I had not gotten a chance to read it, as it was still in the early ‘kickstarter’ stage. However, once I received the comic, oh did it live up to the hype! 

X-Machina Comic Book

I’m a sucker for puns and Christmas, and this comic combined the two while telling a story about Santa and the North Pole that you will find yourself wanting to pull out every Christmas (but NEVER around your kids as it is definitely inappropriate)! It made me giggle aloud many times, while also making me miss my Christmas tree and festive gingerbread beers. Never did I know that insults could be so jolly. 

While the insults and references made me smile and giggle, the story itself is fantastic as well. Kids can be assholes (I have 3, I know), and Santa is burnt out. It’s the year 2045 he’s earned a break, and rightfully so attempts to get it. Of course, it’s never that easy…

To find this comic go to the kickstarter page HERE!

Steve also stopped by the podcast this past Summer to discuss his other two hilarious and entertaining comics: Zombie Date Night and Slow Pokes. 

Zombie Date Night

Zombie Date Night

Another fantastic and hilarious comic from Steve Urena, is Zombie Date Night. The title tells you exactly how the story starts. All you need to know about this comic, to know it’s awesome is 1.) There is a Grandma with a spiked chancleta as her zombie fighting weapon, and 2.) One of the characters is wearing a shirt that says “Ho Ho Ho Now I Have a Machine Gun.” 

To find this kickstarter comic click: HERE!

Slow Pokes

Who would ever expect sweet and slow moving sloths to be serial killers? Or maybe we just assume they’re sweet because they’re slow…what if they were fast? The name in and of itself is perfection, and the ending took me more by surprise than the fact that fast sloths would be killers. 

To find this kickstarter comic click HERE!

If you want to keep up with future projects from Steve Urena you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @thesteveurena .

If you want to check out the podcasts, just search Hops News wherever you listen to podcasts. Steve came on the episodes dated, July 19, 2021 and January 12, 2022.

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