The Adam Project

The Adam Project

The Adam Project Review

The Adam Project is Netflix’s latest release starring Ryan Reynolds, Walker Scobell, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, and Catherine Keener. Directed by Shawn Levy. This film with its star studded cast delivers in a big way. From the get go you are thrust into this exciting futuristic universe with a clever play on time travel. The film does a wonderful job jumping and explaining the rules of time travel. It even explains the plot holes of other films such as Biff’s romp in Back to the Future. 

Each actor in this film delivers a solid performance. Ryan Reynolds is his usual sarcastic yet caring self. Mark Ruffalo is once again a scientist although noticeably less green, and actress Jennifer Garner plays a loving mom who does not know where to turn with her teenage son, Adam. Perhaps the biggest surprise however, was newcomer Walker Scobell. From the moment the film starts he delivers a surprisingly great performance. Scobell is playing a 12 year old who is known to run his mouth which leads him to trouble as we see him being bullied often at school and even suspended. What surprised me most is how well he was able to hold his ground side by side with veteran Ryan Reynolds. The two make for a fun loving duo as they have to stop tech genius and future world ruler Maya Sorian played by Catherine Keener. 

This film delivers everything. From high moments of action and fight sequences, to punching us in the gut with emotional scenes. Despite being a film about time travel it is just as much a film about dealing with loss and regret. Overall The Adam Project delivers a 9/10 and is sure to be a major hit for the streaming giant. If you’re home on a Friday night unsure of what to watch this will not disappoint. And Dads beware, even you’ll need the box of tissues.

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