Spoiler Free ‘THE BATMAN’ Review

Spoiler Free ‘THE BATMAN’ Review


Patiently Waiting for the Movie to begin.

We have had three different Batmans in the last 20 years, each with their own different on screen portrayal. Fans of the Dark Knight trilogy loved the grounded aspect that Christopher Nolan was going for. While fans of Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder got their more “comic book accurate” portrayals. What Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ does is nothing short of comic book accurate and well grounded.

Right from the opening credits we get a horror like film in Gotham City.  The opening monologue from Robert Pattinson lends an ominous tone to the events that are about to unfold. Surprisingly this is a buddy cop film between Jim Gordon and Batman.  Fans of the Bat himself will rejoice! Whereas other films chose to sparsely play Bruce Wayne inside the suit, Matt reeves does not shy away at all in this transition.

Zoe Kravitz does an excellent job as Selena Kyle AKA, Catwoman. Their romance is stripped straight from the comic book pages themselves in their on again off again. The chemistry that Pattinson and Kravitz have in his film is astronomically evident as to their scenes together steal the film.

The Batman Comic handed out on the sneak peak night.
We are graced with a detective noir film letting Batman go places that other films have not gone before. Fans of the Arkham series are in for a treat as we get to see a lot of the clues and smarts showing why Batman is hailed as the world’s greatest detective. In addition to that, Colin Ferrell absolutely disappears into his role of the Penguin and promises a gangster like mob boss in the future. The snippet of the car chasing we were given in commercials is merely a taste of what we are given in the film.
Andy Serkis delivers us a great portrayal of Alfred. Unlike any that we have been given before. While John Tuturro plays a surprisingly great mob boss and Carmine Falconi.
The Riddler himself, played by Paul Dano, might as well be auditioning as the next zodiac killer. What Dano does on screen is deliver a terrifying portrayal of the character that we have never seen before.
All the while, diehard comic book  will rejoice with the nods that Matt Reeves blesses us with throughout the film.  Homage to these characters that were originally created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger was perfectly done.
The universe that Matt Reeves and crew are setting up leave me excited more than any other DC film at this current moment. Just when you think the film is going to end it takes another twist and you truly don’t know where it is going to lead. I cannot recommend this film enough and will need to see it again in order to properly rank it on my pantheon of Batman films.
They’ve already spoken of starting a sequel and I am seriously giddy with the things that Matt reeves and Robert Pattinson can do together. The door is wide open and they clearly show why Batman is DC‘s most marketable character.

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