Finding Beer at Epcot’s Festival of the Arts 2021!

Finding Beer at Epcot’s Festival of the Arts 2021!

Beer, Art, & Figment!

Craft beer itself is a work of art, and during Epcot’s Art Festival (which runs every year from mid January to the end of February), they have paintings, chalk, sculptures, and food all worthy of being in an art museum. Epcot also has festive BEER! The video below showcases some of the Festival offerings while focusing on the craft beer selections they have for 2021. CHEERS!

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Lauren, "The Hoppy Mommy" is our self-proclaimed Disney beer expert. She is a Florida native, and a Cicerone CBS, who is often found drinking at the most magical place on Earth, the beach, or a local brewery. From German imports that follow the Reinheitsgebot laws, to local craft beer, she is helping us find all the best brews throughout Disney World, and Central Florida. She is also half of our spinoff podcast, 'Hops GEEK News.'

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