Quick & Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

Quick & Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

Meatball Sub Recipe with Hop Barons

If you caught our recent Super Bowl episode, then here’s the Meatball Sub Recipe! As someone who is not a fan of cooking, this is quick and easy, and can be tweaked to make it to your specific taste. 

Meatball Sub Ingredients

  • MEAT! Turkey, Beef, Impossible. Anything goes.
  • Sub bread
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Hops Barons Bad Ass Rub

The Recipe

First, open a beer to enjoy while cooking. Then preheat the oven, and gather your ingredients. If the meat is not already in balls, I recommend mixing the meat and the Hop Barons rub together before making the balls, and placing them on a tray. No matter what, you’ll need to flip the meatballs half way through cooking. Therefore, if they are already in balls just add more Hop Barons after you flip them.

As far as temperature and cooking time, this will depend on the meat you chose, so follow those guidelines. 

Once the meat is done, leave the oven on, and prep the bread on a cookie sheet. Add some marinara, then the cooked meatballs, then more marinara, shredded cheese, parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning.  Then put it back in the over for about 5 minutes, depending on how melted you want the cheese. 

What Beer to Pair with a Meatball Sub

If you want to properly pair your beer, you can follow the Cicerone food pairing guidelines here. An Amber Ale pairs well with hamburgers and spicy food, so that should pair well with a Meatball sub. Cheers! And Enjoy! 

If you decide to order some Hop Barons make sure to use the promo code: HopsNews for 20% off. 

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About the Author
Lauren, "The Hoppy Mommy" is our self-proclaimed Disney beer expert. She is a Florida native, and a Cicerone CBS, who is often found drinking at the most magical place on Earth, the beach, or a local brewery. From German imports that follow the Reinheitsgebot laws, to local craft beer, she is helping us find all the best brews throughout Disney World, and Central Florida. She is also half of our spinoff podcast, 'Hops GEEK News.'

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