The Flash: The True Multiverse of Madness?

The Flash: The True Multiverse of Madness?

DC Extended Universe

In a world where it seems as though every opinion is met with utter chaos and divisiveness we comic loving geeks know that few opinions are met with more chaos than that of the DC Cinematic Universe. Really it’s a battle that makes Star Wars fans look civil in comparison.

The DCEU started strong in 2013 when Henry Cavill graced the screen with his first appearance as the Boy Scout Superman in Man of Steel which was then followed up in 2016 with the very chaotic Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Which, I actually enjoyed and it was only made better with the director’s cut of the film. However, it was all downhill from there for us DC fans. Turmoil at every turn capping off with Joss Whedon’s version of The Justice League. We eventually got Zack Synyder’s version of the film which again I loved, but since then so much has been left in limbo.

Is Henry Cavill returning as Superman? What is up with Batfleck? What’s even canon anymore? Instead of answering these questions Warner Bro’s has decided to throw films out into the wild. Or at the very least ideas to see what sticks. There’s talks of various Superman films in the works none of which feature the rising star Cavill himself. They’ve even had a strong run as of late with Aquaman, Shazam, and James Gunn’s Suicide Squad. So what exactly is the deal over there? Why is this so hard?

Concept Art for the Flash Film from Warner Brothers.

WARNING: Possible Spoilers for the Flash Movie

Well, after years of waiting we finally are getting a Flash film. People who know me know that he is my favorite  superhero. There are so many stories to tell and ways that you can go and continue to build this cinematic universe and finally get it right. Instead, if recent reports are true and to be believed, it would appear this film will do nothing more than to erase everything we have worked up to at this point, and move forward without our favorite heroes.

Now Spoilers ahead for those who do not want to see a single thing about this film…you were warned. A report that was released by Grace Randolph which let’s take anything she says with a massive grain of salt, was followed up and deemed accurate by multiple reputable sources.

She stated that The Flash will decanonize everything Snyder has touched. According to reports Henry Cavill will be leaving as Superman and he will not have killed Zod in his film, but instead imprisoning him. BVS will never have happened thus Superman never died which means his death never awoke the Mother Boxes and a showdown with Steppenwolf and the league coming together never happened.

Going forward Michael Keaton, will serve as the DCEU Batman, and with the help of Black Canary, will choose Batgirl to take up the mantle and lead the Justice League. Supergirl will replace Superman as well in this universe. Batfleck will make an appearance in the movie, and I think we all knew he was leaving anyway which is fine. Ben has a lot of things happening and the reception and turmoil surrounding these films has turned him off to future projects. What is most shocking is that Henry Cavill will not be returning. 

I'm Batman

Now what about the other characters? Zachary Levi will be staying as Shazam and he will work with Flash and Supergirl to form the Justice League. However, it appears not even David F. Sandberg, director of Shazam, knew about this. Which begs the question what really is happening with WB and the DCEU? Why is it so hard to figure this out? Marvel has Kevin Feige at the helm and he has proven to be trustworthy and give us what we want so why can WB not get out of their own way? I’m not saying that WB needs to have one guy lead the charge but, it’s clear the suits currently do not have any idea what they are even doing. They rushed into a shared universe rather than take time to build these characters up and now everything is a mess and they think the Flash is their ticket to start new. But why are we not bringing Henry back?

While I’m excited to see Batgirl and Supergirl joining the fray, we now don’t get a chance to see a team form and be led by two of the most iconic superheroes of all time. It’s a shame. Reducing Michael Keaton to a guy in the chair is also a bummer. I love that he is coming back, but what makes Batman so amazing is his detective work and his ability to get all of these super powered behemoths to trust him and one another.

Will I still be watching these films? Yes because clearly I hate myself and I want so badly to see them succeed. My excitement for them now however, is very low and this will be the tipping point for me going forward. What do you all think? What is going on and how does this news make you feel? Let us know!

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