Cobra Kai Season IV Review

Cobra Kai Season IV Review

Cobra Kai Never Dies

After what felt like years of waiting, fans of the hit YouTube turned Netflix series Cobra Kai were met with joy this New Years Eve. Season 4 was released into the world. When we last left, the dojo’s arch nemesis Kreese, was beaten. Thanks to the help of Daniel coming to Johnny’s rescue. The trio decided to settle their beef at next year’s All Valley Tournament. 

The season picks up where we last saw Johnny and Daniel in the backyard of Myagi-Do. They’re preparing their fighters for the battle ahead. Right from the get go what we thought was resolved, is shown not to be. The two varying styles of each Sensei quickly bring the two to butt heads and divide their students. This goes even further as the season continues.

More of the Same?

It’s easy to think we are headed for more of the same drama that has befallen the students and instructors alike in the previous season. However, what season 4 brings to the table is that the storylines and internal struggles far outshine what we as an audience have been met with so far. Perhaps one of the shining examples is that the forgotten son of Daniel and Amanda is finally remembered. He is brought into the shadow of Cobra Kai along with a newcomer to the series. Dallas Young who plays Kenny.

The series also introduces an intimidating new villain. Longtime fans of the series may remember him from Karate Kid 3. Terry Silver played by Thomas Ian Griffith. The season is filled with great character development and ends on a cliffhanger that can be only described as this series version of, The Empire Strikes back.

Spoilers Ahead: What's Next?

So what’s next? As the final episode of Cobra Kai ends we see storylines wrap up, but also plenty of uncertainty moving forward. Miguel runs away to find his father in Mexico after struggling with Johnny and his mother, Carmen. Whose new relationship and the fact he feels he cannot live up to Robbie, are on his mind. Terry Silver frames Kreese for delivering a beatdown to overgrown manchild, Stingray. So we see Kreese being hauled away and Silver is now franchising Cobra Kai across the valley. 

When we leave Tori, after winning her All Valley title against Sam, she discovers that Silver had paid off the ref. Thereby, potentially invalidating her championship. Is there a face turn ahead for her? It seemed as the season concluded she was beginning to find a mother in Amanda LaRusso. Along with Kreese she could be headed toward a potential face turn that would make Stone Cold joining Vince McMahon look like child’s play.

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What About Robbie?

Robbie was training newcomer Kenny to get back at his bully, Anthony LaRusso, but saw how drunk he had become off of revenge and that he himself was tired of being so angry. In the end he reconciles with his father in the old Cobra Kai Dojo leaving the door open for Robbie to atone for his sins in a final showdown to save the soul of the valley.

The Final Wrap

All in all, the direction of this show has been nothing short of corny yet somehow phenomenal. As you cannot help but be sucked into the excitement and action. Season 4 wraps up the long running feud between Daniel and Johnny while focusing on a new head boss. Will season 5 be the final battle of all battles? Hopefully fans of Cobra Kai will not have to wait too long before getting the answers to these burning questions. Season 5 has just wrapped, and Season 6 has been confirmed.

Until then…Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy! 

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