Beer Could Be What Gets You Back in the Gym…and Cure your Hangover???

Beer Could Be What Gets You Back in the Gym…and Cure your Hangover???

After a sweaty workout, what do you grab to quench your thirst and replenish your body? How about a beer?

Many of us reach for Gatorade or water, but brewers want you to consider their libations, too. In fact, a growing number of beer makers are taking a cue from sports drinks and are adding electrolytes into their brews.

These beers are usually lower in alcohol, so whether or not you drink them after a workout, you won’t feel sluggish. And many other fitness-centric beers are using unique ingredients you might not expect to quaff in an ale or lager.”


Can I Get A Six Pack Drinking This Beer?

While my body has been loosely compared to the David of Michelangelo, I am not what one would call “Healthy”. 

Like most grotesque people, I had a 2021 “New Year, New Me” plan. It included a free nutrition app that I downloaded and opened once and a workout schedule that I could do without being more than 6 feet from my couch. Sadly, I missed my 3-5 day window into the New Year and have decided that 2022 will be my year.

However, after stumbling across this gem, I am left with the question, can I turn 2021 around?

My hope is that electrolytes are a new type of steroid that will take me back to my youth where I had an unlimited amount of energy. Maybe this was addressed in the article, but honestly I stopped reading after I read the title and thought to myself, “Oh look, an excuse to drink more beer!”

This just seems too good to be true right? Why has this not been done before? Or has it been done and I have been living a lie thinking I needed shitty flavored sugar water after my 13 pushups that hurt more than Id like to admit.

Last stupid question, if you can put electrolytes in beer and make it healthy, why is it not put in everything? Can you throw some electrolytes in my whiskey while you’re at it? Or maybe some electrolytes in the Little Caesars pizza I am eating as my reward for adding few crunches into the mix.

Actually, one more stupid question…I drink gatorade when I am hungover…so does this mean I can replace that with beer also? What a world that would be.

If you have any answers, or want to call me an idiot please feel free to leave a comment. If you have any of this beer available to you please slide in the DM’s…I will do UNSPEAKABLE things to try and get healthy without changing anything.


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