Beers, Cheers, & Yoda Ears!

Beers, Cheers, & Yoda Ears!

Where to find beer at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Unless you have been living in a ‘Cave of Evil’ the last year, you have probably heard about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Last Summer, Disney opened these lands at both their California and Florida theme parks. While both parks offer blue and green milk and an array of other themed drinks, they also have beer. I am here to tell you exactly where to find said beer at the Florida location. Before I begin, I just need to warn you, if you are not a fan of cheesy Star Wars jokes, then this isn’t the article you’re looking for.

Oga's Cantina
Sierra Nevada, Bad Motivator IPA in Oga's Cantina.

In Florida, Galaxy’s Edge can be found at Hollywood Studios, along with other Star Wars attractions throughout the park. One of the Star Wars hot spots there is Oga’s Cantina, and it does not disappoint. However, you should mentally prepare for the prices in there. If you want to get sith faced, you may have to take out a second mortgage on your house. Help me Bank of America, you’re my only hope. That being said, you still have to go in and have the experience. You can try not to spend all your Imperial credits there, but I warn you now… IT’S A TRAP!

The Cantina offers four different beers individually, or a flight for $85. You read that correctly. It comes with a flight board that looks like something Tormund from Game of Thrones would use if he ever opened a brewery. While $85 sounds crazy, if it was a Marvel themed flight board, it would already be displayed in my home bar with a spotlight shining on it, so no judgment here. They have other souvenir drink holders as well, so if you’re a major Star Wars fan, just start selling all your furniture now.

Oga's Cantina

The four beers offered in Oga’s Cantina are:

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo also offers the Gold Squadron Lager, and some quick service food options.

Ronto Roosters

Ronto Roosters also has quick service food options and is the third and final food place in Galaxy’s Edge that offers beer. Their one beer option is:

*You can also grab a Gold Squadron Lager across from the Milk Stand. The Milk Stand sells blue and green milk with the option to add tequila.  

If you prefer beers that are more on the dark side, you can grab a Black Marlin Porter from Ballast Point at the Baseline Tap House. It’s located right next to Star Tours, and it is just before Galaxy’s Edge, as long as you did not come from Toy Story Land. Baseline Tap House carries a good variety of different beer styles all from different breweries in California. Available there, flight options are.

All in all, grabbing a beer and walking (I mean looking-you can’t walk and drink right now) around Galaxy’s Edge is quite amazing, even if you have no clue why Disney would be selling blue and green milk. The Disney “Imaginears” pay extra attention to detail, and the Cast members go all in to make sure you truly feel like you are in a Galaxy Far Far Away!

While wearing a face mask in 90-degree Florida humidity sounds worse than being frozen in carbonite, there are definitely perks to visiting right now. Lower crowds! You still need to get there early if you want to go on the newest Star Wars ride, Rise of the Resistance (check in the second you get into the park), but the other rides have much shorter lines, with 6 feet markers on the floor. This includes Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run. However, there are no meet and greets right now!

Other BEER Spots at Hollywood Studios!

Things are all over the place all over the world right now, and Disney is no different. Below is a list of all the places, as of September 2020, that are open right now and selling beer. While you cannot walk and drink, you can sit, remove your mask, and drink, SO… it makes you want to stop and get a beer even more than normal! It’s the “new normal (ugh…I truly hate hearing that).”


  1. 50s Prime Time Café:
    1. Yuengling
    2. Cigar City Jai Alai
    3. Stella
    4. Sam Adam’s Seasonal
    5. Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen
    6. Blue Moon
    7. New Belgium Fat Tire
    8. Bud Light
  2. Backlot Express:
    1. Goose Island IPA
    2. Safari Amber
  3. Pizza Rizzo:
    1. Peroni
  4. Mama Melrose:
    1. Peroni
    2. Bud Light
    3. Bud
    4. Corona
    5. Yuengling
    6. Blue Moon
    7. Stella
    8. New Belgium Fat Tire
    9. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    10. Cigar City Jai Alai IPA
    11. Goose Island IPA
    12. Samuel Adams Seasonal
  5. Baseline Tap House – flights available:
    1. Golden Road 329 Lager
    2. North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner
    3. Golden Road Hefeweizen
    4. North Coast Red Seal
    5. Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA
    6. Stone Delicious IPA
    7. Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter
  6. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant:
    1. Full Sail Sessions Lager
    2. New Belgium Fat Tire
    3. Orange Blossom Pilsner
    4. Funky Buddha Floridian Hefeweizen
    5. Yuengling
    6. Sam Adams Seasonal
    7. Bud Light
    8. Michelob
    9. Stella
    10. Cigar City Jai Alai IPA
  7. Ronto Roosters (See Above)
  8. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo (See Above)
  9. Oga’s Cantina (See Above)
  10. Milk Stand: blue and green milk (add tequila), Lager available across the way.
  11. The Hollywood Brown Derby:
    1. Michelob Ultra
    2. Corona
    3. Yuengling
    4. Schofferhoffer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen
    5. Unibroue La Fin du Monde
    6. Chimay Blue
    7. New Belgium Fat Tire
    8. Founders All Day IPA
    9. Orlando Brewing I4 IPA
    10. Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA
  12. Anaheim Produce:
    1. Kona Longboard Lager
    2. Schofferhoffer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen
    3. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  13. Rosie’s All-American Café:
    1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    2. Bud
    3. Bud Light
Hollywood Studios

*These were all the beers in September 2020. Beers are subject to change. Any place not listed, was not open in September 2020 due to Covid-19.

Do not forget your mask! You must not remove it in front of any living thing (unless you are six feet away from people and eating or drinking with the people you came with). This is the Way. On that note, mind your Pints and Quarts, put on those Yoda ears and enjoy! I have spoken.

For more information about Galaxy’s Edge: Disney’s Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge

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