Now We’re Cooking With Beer!

Now We’re Cooking With Beer!

Beer Recipes to Get you Through a Summer Pandemic

We are in the dead of summer which means the family BBQs are flowing, while we spend those hot summer days by the pool. Unfortunately, we are also in the middle of what seems to be a never-ending pandemic. This leaves us with restaurants being closed or operating at limited capacity, and the ever craziness of life still continues.

This means many of us have been cooking at home a lot more than perhaps, we are used to doing. I know personally at the end of a long day the last thing that I want to do is cook while my children run lawlessly through the house, so this means I have been eating much of the same foods and it’s honestly growing tiring. 

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The early pandemic trend making rounds was that everybody seemed to be making banana bread or trying new recipes to cook. This led me to thinking just how can I spice up the foods I may be making? Little did I know that my answer was lying in my mini fridge mere steps away in the form of a can full of delicious beer. Yes, we all love popping open a nice cold beer at the end of a long day or having a refreshing beer poolside or while we grill but, often overlooked is that you can even use beer to liven up that mouth savoring home cooked meal you’re prepping!

Beer can be used in a wide variety of foods such as bread, meats smoking on that new egg you might have purchased, burgers, fish, and believe it or not even soup! Bottom line is this; beer is the missing ingredient that makes the world go round and don’t let anybody tell you differently.  Below I’ve listed a couple of links to my personal favorite recipes that go amazing with that beer your aunt brought you but, you weren’t sure how to tell her this may not be the beer I’m looking for here.

Recipe Links:

Always makes sure to pair your beer recipes with a beer.

Those are just a few and it’s always wonderful to add your own twist to any recipe that you make. My personal favorite beer to cook with is any type of Lager because, something about it just oozes flavor especially when using it on the BBQ. Another favorite of mine for those Friday night pizza cravings is making any sort of pizza dough with a smooth and crisp ale.

The best part about cooking is much like brewing beer, it’s all experimental and it’s all about finding those flavors and twists that make the recipe a bit more personal to yourself. This is also how you brew up that family secret recipe. So when in the kitchen and you are trying to think up which beer would add that missing ingredient to your recipe remember to be bold, be adventurous, and most importantly buy local whenever you can!

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Matt is a nomadic beer enthusiast whose roots lie deep into the heart of Boston but currently finds himself in small town Idaho. Best known for talking too much and saying the wrong thing you can often find him at a local craft brewery in a town near you!

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  1. Beer Snobs says:

    My friend sent us over a tasty batch of honey beer, and it looks like it could be perfect with the honey beer bread!

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