Hoppy Friday – Bottleshare Recap

Hoppy Friday – Bottleshare Recap

I sometimes feel bad recapping only certain episodes because I am so genuinely grateful for all of the guests we have on. However, I do have another full time job that I typically have to show up to (hungover as shit) on Fridays… and today I don’t.

But even if I did work today, our Bottleshare episode deserves a highlight. Christopher mafuccin Glenn is a national treasure and we should be highlighting what he is doing every single day.

Next weekend Chris and I will be celebrating Bottleshare‘s 1 year anniversary. We will be celebrating their Believe in Beer collaboration with Mobcraft Brewery and I could not be more excited.

PLEASE, if you have any free time at all during this holiday weekend listen to Chris’ story. (27:30)

3 years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I hate talking about it, as do most people that have been diagnosed with it. People like Chris are a true inspiration. Not only has he been able to overcome it, but he is able to talk about his struggles and bring awareness to something that effects so many people.

 “You can either die before you’re dead…or you can build your second life while still in your first.” 

Chris, I cannot thank you enough for choosing the latter. Listen, support, share, donate, do whatever you can to get this message out there. Someone needs to hear it. 

If you are not into that (or just don’t want to cry)..listen to Hoppy Mommy’s beer school. I do not know how she keeps one upping herself but my god she kills it. (56:20) If you want to read her recap, check it out here. http://njt.525.myftpupload.com/2020/07/beer-school-recap-muricas-founding-fathers-beer/

Have a great, safe holiday weekend. Love you all and see you Tuesday.


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