Feelin’ Lucky Podcast – Episode 0 Airs Tonight!!! Here is the link to watch and a Drinking Game for the Pilot

Feelin’ Lucky Podcast – Episode 0 Airs Tonight!!! Here is the link to watch and a Drinking Game for the Pilot

Welllllllll well well, it is finally here. This has been teased on Hoppy Hour for probably a month at this point, but the day is finally here. The pilot for Feelin’ Lucky drops tonight at 7pm CST!!!

You can find it HERE!!!!!!!!! 

If you are a member of the Hops News Family, you saw this a long time ago so I apologize if you thought this would be Episode 1. However, we are now (finally) in a place (technology wise) where we can make this a weekly show for you guys.

There was also a lot of talk about whether or not we would be putting out the Pilot and we have decided that it is best to share it with you guys. This is what was (somehow) green-lit. We want to make it clear that this WILL NOT be the format of every episode. After hearing the feedback, we will just be sticking to the comedy side. Who would have guessed that no want wants to hear 3 self-proclaimed morons rate the wrong beer for 20 minutes?

But, that is truly the reason we are putting this pilot out. It is so genuinely funny that we got the wrong beer for the first episode. You can not script that kind of stupidity.

So please, watch us, roast us, give any feedback you can and PLEASE send Dear Lucky questions or Bargument ideas to me, JJ, or producer Beef. We already have received a ton from friends and Hops News Family and thank you for that but we will for sure answer them and shout you out (or keep you anonymous depending on the question).

Episode 1 will be the first true episode of Feelin’ Lucky where we will have Chris from https://www.thebottleshare.org/ and Henry from https://www.mobcraftbeer.com/ and that will be hopefully a little closer to what we hope to put out every week. 


If you are finding it difficult to sit through the pilot we have put together a drinking game that we will be playing while we make our debut. So feel free to play along.

DRINK ONE – every time on of us says “Like” in a way that Paris Hilton would in an episode of The Simple Life. (If you want to stop at this one, it is probably enough to finish a 30 rack).

DRINK TWO – every time someone laughs after saying Producer Beef.

FINISH YOUR DRINK – Every time you see Chester the Cat or we mention him.

TAKE A SHOT – every time I get lost checking out Producer Beefs Biceps.

Seriously, thank you to the Hops News family the feedback and being so supportive… none of it is possible without you guys. I hope we look back on this Pilot at Episode 50 and cringe at how uncomfortable we are on camera for the first time.

Love you guys and see you every Sunday Night at 7pm CST.


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