Beer School Recap- BEER & SPORTS!

Beer School Recap- BEER & SPORTS!

Drinking Game: Take a sip for any acronym or Sports Team (colleges count).

We’re about to learn some very random fun beer and sports facts to celebrate sports finally returning (and hopefully staying)!!! There may be no fans in the stands, but I can guarantee many fans at home will be drinking beer while watching their favorite teams return! Go HEAT!

Today, it seems impossible to watch a sports game on TV or in person without an ad for beer. Well, when sports first became televised, many people did not own a television, so they would watch games at their local tavern, and ‘ta da!’ So began beer marketing with athlete endorsements! They had to reach their target market, and this was the best way to do it, and is clearly still the best way today.

TIPA Hush Hush, from Tripping Animals & Civil Society.
  • NASCAR is actually a result of Prohibition! Moonshiners had to be able to quickly escape revenue agents and cops. This even continued after Prohibition was repealed, thanks to so many areas remaining dry for years! To do this, they took Ford trucks that had V-8 engines and they souped them up! This helped them to go faster and make sharp turns. Some of them even had Mario Kart like features, but instead of banana peels, tacks would be scattered all over the road to pop tires. Well, they started racing these souped up cars for fun (without the tacks), and then realized people would actually pay to watch these races. Fast forward to 1947 in Daytona Beach, and NASCAR was formed. It is believed that moonshine money even helped grow NASCAR in its early years.
  • NHL- It has become common practice when you win it all in Hockey, you get the Stanley Cup, and then you drink alcohol out of said cup. Well, in 2018 the NHL had to ask players to stop doing keg stands out this, almost 130 year old Cup. A few years before in 2011  when the Bruins won, not only did they celebrate with the Stanley Cup, they also ran up a bar tab totaling $156,679.74.
  • MLB- In 2015, a Seattle Mariners fan caught a foul ball in his beer, and then chugged whatever didn’t spill all over his shirt. This seems not too uncommon, so feel free to leave the glove at home in the future. It seems a bit redundant.
  • PGA: There are quite a few videos of John Daly hitting golf balls off of beer cans, and occasionally chugging the beer afterwards. Daly has even admitted that during tournaments he is often hungover, or still drunk from the night before. However, he has only drank during a tournament once. That was the LA Open one year. It was slow, and apparently, he was bored, and chugged 5 beers in the locker room before finishing the back nine.
  • NBA: Chris Bosh came to the Miami Heat from Toronto, and quickly jumped into the local craft beer scene, posting pictures of a few bombers from Funky Buddha brewery on his personal Instagram. He has gotten so into beer that a few months ago he posted an article about pairing beer with barbeque! He has also stopped by Wynwood Brewing in Miami, and helped them brew before.
  • NFL: On average about 5,000 people leave NFL games legally drunk. This is slightly higher for Monday night football. Buffalo Bills games may be even higher because they are the drunkest fans of all! Almost makes them sound like Disney princesses!
JJ Redick doing the shotgun challenge while living in the Disney NBA bubble

Football, baseball, car racing, and hockey all sell more than 50% of their alcohol in beer. Basketball is almost there at 48%. This actually surprised me. I thought they would all be higher because I don’t know what the hell else you would be drinking at a sporting event.

Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors…these are the big names that are usually plastered across stadiums and arenas, but that is changing a bit, thanks to fans like us. While the big boys are still the biggest sponsors and maintain the biggest market share, the days of ‘Beware of the Pengion’ and Wasssssuppppp? are not what they used to be. Although they really like Dilly Dilly, for some reason. Sam Adams is now the dominant beer at Boston Red Sox games, while the Miami Marlins have an actual craft brewery at their stadium, called Nightlife Brewing. The Miami Heat, American Airlines arena, has teamed up with a Miami brewery, called Wynwood. 

Now, it’s not just professional sports that we’re seeing a beer shift. College sports are shifting too! UCF and USF have actually teamed up with Yuengling. USF even changed the name of the Sundome to Yuengling Center. Although I should mention, if you want to drink Yuengling during a UCF football game, you have to get the fancier seats. Appalachian Mountain Brewery was the first brewery to feature a University’s logo on a beer. This was, of course, Appalachian State. J Wakefield did a beer last year called, drain the swamp, to celebrate University of Miami playing a major rival, the Florida Gators. They hosted a party, and even ate barbeque gator! Unfortunately, the gators won, but that beer was delicious!!! Other years they have released the beer, and called it chains…for TURNOVER CHAIN! TURNOVER CHAIN! They also sell this beer at Joe Robbie during UM games! 

AMB brewery
Hard Seltzer from Appalachian Mountain Brewery with the App State logo!

Now beer is clearly only for the fans. The athletes must drink sports drinks….or must they? Research in recent years has shown that the malt in beer is a great form of vitamin B. This can help with energy and recovery. It can also reduce bone loss, which athletes are more prone to experience. Sounds like beer could prevent osteoporosis? I’m no doctor, but facts are facts. Beer can also have more antioxidants than red wine, and the ones they have are easier to absorb in beer than wine.

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Obviously we can’t have athletes doing shotguns on the side lines, so enter non-alcoholic beer. German Olympians have started drinking non-alcoholic beer to recover after training, rather than overly sugared sports drinks. Even hungover I would rather have a beer than a Gatorade, so this sounds genius to me. About two months back we actually had a non-alcoholic craft brewery on, Athletic Brewing. They are part of this movement, and at the time I just thought it was a smart way to drink all day, not get trashed, and still enjoy my 13% stouts and 9% DIPAs, but apparently there is much more to it.

So, maybe we will see an athlete shotgun a beer on the sidelines one day. Until that time, check out the Instagram account, nbabubblelife. The basketball players have been doing the chug challenge to each other.

So… whether you’re celebrating a big win for your team, drowning your sorrows in a loss, having a recovery beer, or just enjoying watching the live action with a cold beer, Cheers to you…and Go HEAT!!! Doobie doobie doo….

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