Wake up with our June 4, Hoppy Hour

Wake up with our June 4, Hoppy Hour

I am not normaly one to toot my own horn..but toot toot. I have received more positive feedback about this weeks episode than any that we have put out..and I believe it was for good reason.  

So, thank you to everyone that hung out with us and I’d like to encourage everyone who has not to check us out.

We were LUCKY enough to have on Josh Harold from Brother’s Craft Brewing Co. We also heard a lot about what they are doing to help the Valley Program for Aging Services and raise $135 for them (again thanks to you guys). (11:15 – 31:19)

We also heard from Marcus Baskerville from Weathered Souls Brewing and their Black is Beautiful Stout that is being released soon.

(1:02:41 – 1:29:15) Now, I have to say, aside from the praise for Brother.Lee.Love, this was the part of our Hoppy Hour that seemed to catch people’s eye. As the kids say…that shit slapped. With the current state of our country, we could not have asked for a better guest. This is a movement that we are supporting 1029480123948% and can not wait to see the awesome things that will come of the Black is Beautiful beer. We hope to have Marcus back on once I get my hands on this beer and get an update about how they are continue to improve our world…and hopefully get another reaction like this.

Somehow, if that was not enough for you then learn about something Hops with professor Hoppy. She is a lawyer and smarter than you so if you want to research (or dont believe her) here are her sources (32:07 – 39:31)

Again, I can not recommend it enough. So kick back on this lovely Monday and crack one with us. Hope to see you Thursday for another Hoppy Hour.

P.S. While you are doing me favors go follow @BrotherLeeLove1 and tell him you want to see him back. Love that guy and hoping I will see more of him.


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