Hoppy’s TOP TEN Favorite Beer Accessories!

Hoppy’s TOP TEN Favorite Beer Accessories!

My TOP TEN Favorite Beer Accessories!


 This is the knock off version of Yeti, but it works just as good! You won’t even know it’s your last sip of beer until it’s gone! Even if you’re at the beach on a hot sunny day, that beer stays cold! If you mainly drink 16 ounce cans, just keep the lid off the 12 ounce one, and ta da! It works just as well! Stickers sold separately. A Hops News sticker looks fabulous on one of these! 

Ozark 12 oz metal Koozie – Link to Wal Mart

Ozark Metal Koozie


This is a really sweet hand-made bottle opener that comes with a built in wax cutter. If anyone saw our June 18th episode, then they saw me with a big ass knife trying to open my beer for five minutes. I ordered this a couple days later. I used one at a bottle share before, so I can attest to its effectiveness. I ordered it about an hour before typing this.  

Yopener on Etsy!


Can Stein
Steins were originally intended to keep bugs out of your beer, so you could argue this is a “sensical” purchase. This Fall buy some 12 ounce cans of different Oktoberfest beers, and pretend you’re at a redneck Oktoberfest. Oy! Oy! Oy! Prost!  


Having a beer in the shower is like your own little VIP party, so why the hell not have a koozie made for it? I can’t think of a good reason NOT to own one of these. There are many different kinds. You can just Amazon search ‘shower koozie.’


Beer Holster
Duff Man

I have a single one and a 6 holder one (both modeled above). The single one is actually pretty practical when tailgating. I have my ‘on deck’ beer in my beer “holster (you actually need a belt to wear it)”, and my hands are still free for beer pong, and my current beer! The 6 holder one (no belt required), is not as practical, unless you like warm beer. However, it may be helpful if you’re beer bitch, or if you want to look like Duff Man from the Simpsons. If you have ever been to any sort of ‘straw market’ type store in the Caribbean, then you have probably seen the beer holsters. They usually have sports teams on them. Mine has the Miami Dolphins logo. Fins Up, and LACES OUT DAN! The 6 can holder link is below. Maybe fill it half with water, and pretend you’re going to make good decisions after you start tailgating. There is a bottle opener attached!

6. Neoprene Six Pack Holder!

This is actually practical and great for going over to a friend’s house, that isn’t too far away. It’s easy and less bulky than a cooler, and keeps your beer nice and cold until you can get it into a fridge. Your beer will also be ready to be opened and enjoyed the second you arrive! Just don’t leave it at your friend’s house right before a Pandemic hits, because then God only knows how long until you will see it again.


7. Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener!

It’s beautiful, and can open your beer bottle in a snap! There are also many different versions of this, and an Amazon search will help you find one.


Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener.

8. A Glass Boot!

Most of the year my beer boot glass sits nice and pretty on a shelf with some beer caps inside, and some dried hops sticking out, like a beautiful vase! But, at the end of every September, I empty that glass, clean it good, and pour German beer in there! Prost! I bought mine at World of Beer, but this is another purchase that can be found anywhere with a quick search.

9. Any Glass From 'Glass to Mouth!'

Glass to Mouth glass

All of their glasses are amazing. I have no affiliation with them, or I would own every single one. And yes, the name… I didn’t catch on until after I ordered my second glass from them (face palm emoji). I am ashamed. Their Rocket and Thor glass, paired well with my Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener. 

Glass to Mouth


10. A Teku Glass!

You can’t drink that fancy beer, without a fancy pretentious glass! This can be purchased at many breweries, so just check your local watering holes!

Teku Glass

These purchases are best made while drunk online shopping. There is always an unnecessary need for more beer accessories, so what are some of yours? Let us know! Cheers! -Hoppy Mommy

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The Hoppy Mommy, is our “self-proclaimed Disney beer expert.” She is a Florida native who is often found drinking at the most magical place on Earth, the beach, or a local brewery. From German imports that follow the Reinheitsgebot laws, to local craft beer, she is helping us find all the best brews throughout Disney World, and Central Florida.

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