Remembering the Fallen Soldiers – Beer Edition

Remembering the Fallen Soldiers – Beer Edition

What does Memorial Day mean to you? 

To me it usually means friends, burgers, beer, and the start to my favorite season (#sundresseason). While it is one of, if not the best drinking day on the calendar, it also has a much deeper meaning. For many, it is a time of grieving, or celebration, of a life that was MUCH better than mine that was cut short.

That is what I am here to do. So lets sit back, crack one open, and poor one out for some of the ones we have lost over the years.

Pour one out for the ‘Lets shotgun one for the Snap’ fails.


I’ve never actually watched a train wreck..but I imagine it is similar to Becky and the gals, three wine coolers deep on a Wednesday convinced that they can become Tik Tok famous by wearing tank tops and shotgunning a beer.

These can not be real..right? Maybe the first 50 on the internet. But I would estimate I have sat through no less than 4 hours of these 5-15 second videos and am convinced everyone else has. THAT’S NOT HOW YOU SHOTGUN A BEER. Please stop the waste… there are sober people in Africa that would kill for that right now.

Pour one out for the guy in your row on his 3rd trip back from the bathroom at any sporting event.

You know..Chad with the tight jersey and backwards hat that has been drinking since 7:30am for a 3pm kickoff. This guy is fine when we are in the student section..because we are all that guy. But when he’s 32 and in the State Farm family section located in 212 because the tickets were cheaper, you know that there will be a fallen soldier or two. Either from him testing his lateral quickness and balance by holding a minimum of four beers for the boys, or  you or from you because somehow you didn’t hear him stumbling down the stairs your way and you are still holding your beer uncovered.

Pour one out for Heady Topper you received in the mail that was delivered by a starving rottweiler traveling through a level 3 hurricane. 

Was that not relatable? Well for me, it was a reality  this past week.

I was LUCKY enough to be graced with a ‘Heady Topper’ from J this past week in our beer exchange, but sadly it showed up mangled and leaking in the box. It honestly, looked like it had stormed the beaches of Normandy.

While I never personally knew Heady, I do know that he NEVER intended to be the biggest or most bitter craft beer out there. An extremely humble beer that wanted to give you wave after wave of hoppy goodness. He was described by many drinkable its scary.

Heady was also thoughtful. He INSISTED that you do not dirty a glass on his behalf. In fact, he was insistent that you DRINK FROM THE CAN! And then once you are done, don’t be a D-bag and recycle him. He knew that he would serve a purpose long after his life.

You can bet I will be honoring his wishes. I WILL NOT be a D-Bag and recycle him. I will also will be putting on my bucket list ‘The Alechemist’ in Vermont

In all seriousness, I hope this memorial day you remembered the fallen and poured one out for those we have lost. They are so much better than I am and I cannot thank them enough. We celebrated during tonights Hoppy Hour and hope you will join us Sunday morning for the international version.


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