Goose Island has a Beer Ice Cream Truck…Genius

Goose Island has a Beer Ice Cream Truck…Genius

“According to the Eater Chicago, Goose Island Brewing Company dispatched a black van to roam the streets of Chicago.  Truly, paying homage to the vintage ice cream truck of the collective youth of Chicago in sporting cold treats and the vintage ice cream truck music to your block.” –

I have been on a news hiatus during this quarantine. Everything is so sad and depressing I think there is no point consuming any of it. However, amidst the death tolls, shutdowns, and job losses a story emerged that I had to shine light on. One of my favorite Chicago breweries, Goose Island, has invented the first ever beer ice cream truck!

Yes, you read that right a beer ice cream truck. Pick your jaw up off the floor, everyone is playing checkers and Goose Island is playing chess.

How has this not been done before? Is there anything that gets a more pavlovian response than the ice cream truck music coming down your street? I still lose my shit if I hear ice cream truck music. Now, I understand I am an adult and shouldn’t be getting that excited about ice cream. So what did Goose Island do? You hear that song and see a truck coming your way that is full of beer. What a world.

There isn’t anything else to say right? That in itself will be the best part about this story right? Wrong.

Goose Island has also just released a beer called “Sunshine Tomorrow Blonde” that is available in crowlers. For every crowler purchased, all profits will be donated to the Chicago Community Covid Response Fund. This supports the health and human services organizations in Chicago.

This is what I needed. A glimmer of hope in this dark time. Please, for the love of god, let this catch on. I need all of my favorite local breweries to start delivering me beer in an Ice cream truck. I promise I will buy palates full. Just give me back that nostalgia. Take me back to a better time when I had zero responsibilities and had never heard of social distancing.

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