How to Help the Small Breweries During these Weird Times

How to Help the Small Breweries During these Weird Times

I never thought I would mention the word ‘Corona’ in a craft beer article, unless I was referring to a small brewery selling to Constellation. Well, these are weird times. So, while everyone is washing their hands, social distancing and hoarding toilet paper, what can we do to help make sure those small breweries we love so much will still be there when this chaos settles and “normal life” returns? If you’re wondering how you can help your local breweries during these weird times, keep reading.

New England IPA in to-go cans from Rockpit Brewing in Orlando, FL
New England IPA in to-go cans (16 oz crowlers) from Rockpit Brewing in Orlando, FL

Here are a few tips the Hops News family has come across, or come up with.

  • Follow your favorite breweries on social media. Things are changing on a day to day basis. Hours are changing and rules are changing. Stay informed.
  • If your local brewery can still do ‘to-go’ orders, stock up! Bring a growler if they’re doing growler fills! Some places are doing online orders, curb side pick up, and even delivery.
  • Does your town have a local home brew shop? You may never have a better time than now to try home brewing for the first time. If you’re already a home brewer, stock up!
  • When stopping at local breweries, make sure to tip well if you can. Those awesome people behind the bar that we love so much, may not have any income for a while.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house (or you don’t have a choice), see what breweries are still selling merchandise online. Any recent beer trips to small breweries that you regret not buying a shirt from? They need you to buy that shirt more now, than they did last year.
  • If your local brewery offers gift cards, buy one now, and visit when the apocalypse has ended, and you can drink onsite again.
  • Does someone in your family love craft beer too? Buy their Christmas or Birthday gift now. If you’re buying them beer though, make sure it’s something that ages well.
A to-go can (16oz crowler) from Tactical Brewing in Orlando, FL.
A to-go can (16oz crowler) from Tactical Brewing in Orlando, FL.

A lot of people have uncertain financial futures right now, but you can still help, without spending any money.

  • Leave positive reviews on Facebook, yelp, google, etc.
  • Share local brewery updates on social media.
  • Share Corona virus related memes via text, or on social media. This may not actually help local breweries, but it is the only good thing to have come from this absolute chaos that is all of our lives now. Pretty sure here in Florida, we scared away Hurricane Dorian last September with our ridiculous hurricane memes. Whatever it takes.
A New England IPA by Sideward Brewing in Orlando, FL.
A New England IPA by Sideward Brewing in Orlando, FL. This was intended to be their Anniversary Party beer, however, their party was cancelled and the cans released early.

A lot of these suggestions apply to small business in general. If you can, support the little guys. They’re going to be the ones that are hit the hardest. If you are able to go out and stock up on beer or beer supplies, make sure to bring that hand sanitizer and maintain that social distance! Or just draw a circle circle dot dot, on your arm before you head out. It worked well in the 90s. If you have any tips, please let us know!

Group picture taken at Broken Strings Brewery in Orlando, FL.
We’ll all be drinking together at breweries again one day! Broken Strings Brewery, Orlando, FL

I usually end my articles by telling people to put on Mickey ears… well Disney is closed. So, put on that hand sanitizer, spray disinfectant, and from 6 feet away ‘AIR CHEERS!’ – The Hoppy Mommy

For information from the National Brewers Guild regarding the Coronavirus visit:

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